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Boomer Dignity

“Baby Boomers” are all aging and needing some form of assistance and support with the aging process. Life changes very rapidly after a certain age, and any illness or physical condition accelerates those changes faster than any other time in life.

Why do many of the “boomer” seniors express the desire to be left alone and accept whatever consequences may happen by their living at home alone? Why are they so fearful of moving to a facility or allowing care in their homes, yet brave enough to perhaps lie broken in their own homes with no person aware of their casualty or become malnourished due to the inability to shop or cook healthily?

There is comfort in continuing one’s life as if nothing has changed or is changing. Change of residence or lifestyle by allowing others into their home means to some the end is near. Some perceive their life purpose and dreams are over. Life is going on around you, but yours is standing still, and fear is taking over.

From my experience, those available to provide needed services are the most caring, empathetic people and have the best intentions to provide a safe and comfortable environment. However, even with those good intentions, facilities have difficulty balancing the financial aspects of maintaining a profitable business, high staff turnover, and assuming responsibility for their resident’s contentment and that of their families.

When family members take the role of caregiver, they quickly become “burned out” from balancing their own lives and that of their loved ones, giving up dreams of their own, and taking on the responsibility of their aging relative’s contentment. Frequently, there is a lifetime of difficulties on both sides that may impede any hope of living a happy life together.

“I don’t know what to do!”

I’ve heard this statement so many times. There are times when these traditional models of senior care don’t work. There is resistance from one side or the other. It takes time to build trust and create a plan that works for everyone’s peace of mind.

People's problems are messy with individual likes, dislikes, frustrations, and relationships. The only answer is to prioritize the individual’s needs, then ease a person into change with patience and time.

Senior care solutions are all about focusing on the quality of life at an emotional level. It goes beyond group activities, balanced meals, and housekeeping. It involves being aware of all the issues, negotiating, and understanding to achieve that life satisfaction during our sunset journey.

On this journey, as I outline in my book “Senior Satisfaction Revealed--Three Steps for a Secure and Fulfilling Life,” celebrating our past, taking care of ourselves in the present, and planning for our future is an excellent beginning to many emotionally satisfying years. Maintaining the momentum takes continual nurturing.

There’s no need to make any life transition difficult. Contact me, and let’s discuss how to create a dignified, fulfilling life for you or your loved boomer.

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