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It All Begins With Good Morning

Retirement is not everything that I had hoped for when I was in my thirties, as I was trying to figure out how I could retire at a young age. I say that lightly because I don’t know many fully retired people. The concept almost seems outdated.

We all adapt to our environments and financial abilities throughout life, and if we need to make changes, we do. There comes a time when we move a little slower in the mornings, but it’s easier to wake up. The added stiffness is a little bit of a concern, as is the light sleep, but adapting and taking advantage of these changes can be positive.

The early morning when I wake up gives me some valuable time first thing to get in touch with my heart, maybe do a little meditating, and take some time to be very grateful for the blessings I’ve had in my life. I also find it easier to focus on reading. The concepts of philosophy and technical writings seem more manageable for me to grasp. I call this my Oprah time as a Super Soul Morning. Sometimes I even go to my journal, reread some of my entries, or enter new ones—conversations with my inner self. Many people do their morning prayers and read their spiritual materials every morning--strength and inspiration are key.

I don’t check my phone or my email first thing, nor do I read any news. I did this for a while and noticed I was becoming overwhelmed with the information. I wasn’t giving myself time to become centered mentally and physically before trying to understand this world. I did want to stay informed, though, so I decided to hold off on these activities until later in the day. My quiet time became something I treasure, and I use it to set my day off on the right foot.

When I do get ready to move, I do warm-up stretching. I can almost feel the blood surging to the different areas of my body. Bending at the waist, I allow the spinal fluid to flow, and it does feel good. Stretching with my arms in the air, warms up my upper back muscles. Then I can twist and turn a little easier. By holding onto the back of a chair, I can balance myself and raise a knee as high as possible before switching to the other leg. Not much--just a little bit goes a long way to making me feel better.

If you’re familiar with chair yoga, you might consider doing that at this time, or better yet, if you can, put on a yoga DVD and do “sun salutations” It’s a fantastic feeling.

After becoming centered and getting our circulation flowing, getting to the daily tasks is not as overwhelming. Figuring out your intentions on your journey to accomplishment over the next twelve hours is a more manageable undertaking.

Going about your day after this little technique looks so different now. If you don’t have a morning schedule, try this or something else that feels right for you. Celebrate the new dawn and have a perfect one, just for you!

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